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A weekly reference guide curated by Elliott Desai

Features are sourced from real-time discoveries, then organized and published as beautiful maps for you to explore.

As a visual artist himself, Elliott prioritizes high-res photos of artwork and ambient images of events — allowing you to witness details reminiscent of the experience.

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Preview of the Fifth Chronicle

We need less noise and more knowledge of artists, exhibitions and spaces to feel inspired and let our minds wander.

Life flows from the happiest, most natural version of you. Yet “not enough time” becomes a scapegoat for neglecting your dreams and entertaining worries that erode your spiritual foundation.

Thus, the Presence Almanac is published as a gift of time & space – to vision, to listen to your intuition, and to not be in a “rush” or “hurry.”

By elevating an artist’s presence, creating space for your presence, and documenting this historic record, the newest advancement of arts & culture has officially begun.

Please enjoy 🙂

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