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A Multi-Sensory Afternoon @ The Lume

A Multi-Sensory Afternoon @ The Lume

Street Art Alive! This weekend, consider visiting this beautiful exhibition of art from all around the world at The Lume, right off Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

This digital gallery is a multi-sensory experience that chronicles the history of several cities and their relationship – past, present, and future – with the ‘graffiti’ that’s covered hundreds of streets, buildings, tunnels, train cars and more public spaces for years.

Tickets are now $25 through September 4th, and visitors can enjoy upwards of two hours strolling around the gallery and learning about the movements working to preserve the impact of street art. Purchase at

In the episode below, you will see a glimpse of the four categories featured – ‘Vibrancy‘, ‘Rejuvenation‘, ‘Fresh Take On History‘, & ‘Fight For Your Right‘ – and hear Elliott’s commentary about the digital screens, mirrors, and holograms throughout the museum that make this a lively way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Make sure you grab an official STREET ART ALIVE program to take the exhibit home with you, and let us know where you’d like ONTHETREND to visit next!

As we near the end of a very hot summer, it’s important to continue finding cool ways to continue enjoying the creativity of our neighbors.